The township of Bexley is largely concentrated around the House of Hathor, a large religious complex within the township, serving as both a place of worship as well as a specialist school established for clerics in their later or post graduation years of scholarship.

The Head Cleric, Archbishop Varbun Lei, acts as the head of both the church and the township, with a small village council used to give the impression (but in reality, serves little purpose other than the inflate the ego of those participating) of democratic governance.

Fort Marlow, nestled just inside the South Gate to Bexley, serves as the regional outpost for a small collection of soldiers reporting to Colonel Melvar Ragetide, an aging old warrior looking forward to his retirement, but still with the air of both respect and responsibility.

The local tavern, the Two Statue Arms, is a nod to the dual statues of soldiers standing by Bexley’s main gate.

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