The islet village of Aramoor was originally a trading hub, though has increasingly fallen from this status to simply becoming the home for a small collection of (very) rich nobles who established themselves there in Aramoor’s trading highs, and the supporting industry that keeps them in the lap of luxury. The most well-known of these families are the Pistleweeds, who continue to control many of the trans-continental shipping routes, and who ensure their monopoly through an unrelenting grasp of power, money and appetite for murder. Thankfully, this bloodthirst requires Daylin Pistleweed, the eldest son and current Director of Pistleweed Transport, to travel extensively – making Pistleweed Estate an immaculatley kept, but rarely used, piece of property.

The outskirts of town are home to an overtly haunted graveyard, where demons and the dead walk freely among the gravestones and the nearby wreck of the Sunset King, an old merchant ship that saw everyone killed while in-port at Aramoor as a result of a combined mutiny and unknown third-party attack. While the citizens of Aramoor would rather not have any ghouls walking so freely nearby, the undead have, by-and-large, left the living alone, and so they remain free to stay in the graveyard under the ever-watchful eye of the Merchants’ Guard … a once-mercenary solider force that has long-since become the official constabulary of Aramoor.

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