The mostly-frozen waters of Easthallow Bay welcome you to the crisp always-winter air of this hardened farming region, best known for growing robust, quality produce all year around. The relative stability of the cold climate allows for a year-round harvest cycle, though the plentiful harvest trade-off is that produce varieties are limited to larger root vegetables and some smaller – both literally and figurative – crops of maize, though this is typically turned into bread and other food for local consumption, rather than export.

The wealthy inventor, Gilliam Bates has a summerhouse located in the region, described as Bates’ Refuge, as he is known for holding ‘think weeks’ at the house to contemplate life, the issues of the day and the universe.

Notable residents of the region include Nothe Keslel, who runs a small apothecary business just outside of Easthallow itself, though rather than Easthallow’s good name, it is more her notoriety as an alleged King-killer that drives much of her sales.

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