The Definition of Insanity

Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

I absolutely love the FarCry series, but my love of it really started with Number 2 (the one set in Africa). The homage to Heart of Darkness tickled the literary nerd in me nicely, not to mention the level of freedom and exceptional gameplay weaved throughout.

So, it’s no surprise that I loved 3 when it came out. More tropical, more sexy. And the same serotonin farm that I loved about the second one. And now, it has a remaster! Brilliant!

I finished the main story tonight and I’ll chip away at a few more achievements over the coming days, but I have to admit that I had – and am having – far more fun with FC3 than I am with FC5. I’m not sure if it’s the story, the setting, or the clearer objectives (as in ‘less noise’ on the map), but I find myself just looking for something to do quickly and happily in FC3, whereas 5 I find myself tired of having to harvest animals and do fetch quests just to progress the story.

FC3 is smarter about this filler, putting upgrades behind that barrier rather than story progress, and the game is better for it. It caters for those who want to run through the checklist of collectables and camps and things to do, versus those who want to mainline the story.

My plea here is that I hope FC6 will be more like 3 than 5, and I hope that it adds another great title to the FarCry stable. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate 5, but hunting down Christian extremists in the heartland of America is far more tiring than not.

But look, Giancarlo Esposito wouldn’t put his name to a bad game, would he? Would he?

Time will tell.

Training Day

I don’t think there’s a gamer on the planet who hasn’t played, or at least heard, of Worms. It has a timeless formula that, essentially, just lets you experiment with a whole heap of different weapons times and ‘go at it’ with either the computer of a human opponent.

There are varying degrees of expertise in the Worms community. You have people who are so brilliant at lobbing their grenades across the map with the right level of force, the correct angle, and against the wind that they can blow an opponent off the board in a single stroke. There are others that (over)rely on just getting line of sight, lining up a bazooka shot and firing it with an extreme level of force (that doesn’t actually make a difference).

I like to consider myself somewhere in between.

What I didn’t expect with this particular outing for Worms was the introduction of some new toys. I thought the introduction of a tank was pretty cool – a bit unnecessary in terms of what some of the Worms joy is – but cool nonetheless.

And then, they introduced a Mech!

One of my favourite gaming memories is stomping around a desert world playing MechWarrior. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I couldn’t play it very well, but I absolutely loved it. So, now, picture Worms WMD introducing Mechs, and letting me stomp around the level with the same level of joy that was sparked well over twenty years ago. Absolutely priceless.

I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of this particular Worms, but at the same time, it has such familial comfort that I don’t need to dive too deep without giving my quick-and-dirty assessment on the game: it’s good. It’s the same ol’ Worms, with a WMD lick-of-paint.

To be honest, I wish more games took their winning formula, made them look pretty, and stopped stuffing around with the mechanics.

(The same could be said for the recently release Toy Story 4)

The Missing Lord (Xander)

I try and make a point of firing up Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms once every one or two weeks just to make sure I’m not missing a special event and, more importantly, an opportunity to unlock a special event character. While cross-save would still make this easier, I’ve increasingly become comfortable making my Xbox instance my Idle Champs home.

I’ll admit, Xbox achievements got me through the door, and my time investment in the console version has kept me there.

I enjoyed this latest event because I didn’t feel like it took itself too seriously. While most special events are achievable, some of them make more work than they need to, and this one just simply did not. It had a fun layout for the characters, and a good progress cadence that focussed on getting through it rather than punishing you for the sake of punishing you.

And what’s great about it? I have another character to collect this season! I’ve already sent Brunor back out again, and so with another day of grind, I should be adding another character to my collection.

It’s the little things in life.