PAX 2022 is Back on the Menu, Boys!

I don’t quite think people appreciate how much I bloody love PAX. It started off as just something that I wanted to go to because it was a big international gaming convention that had made its way down to Melbourne, and I just wanted to be a part of that little slice of history. I…More


The Definition of Insanity

I absolutely love the FarCry series, but my love of it really started with Number 2 (the one set in Africa). The homage to Heart of Darkness tickled the literary nerd in me nicely, not to mention the level of freedom and exceptional gameplay weaved throughout. So, it’s no surprise that I loved 3 when…More

Sorcerers and Snobbery

While I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve only openly ‘loved’ Dungeons and Dragons these past few years, it is, nonetheless, a lifelong passion of mine, properly kindled during the Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights eras, and complimented with a love of the fantasy genre that has spanned The Wheel of Time and The Lord…More

Candlekeep Mysteries

I bloody love Candlekeep. Make no mistake about it, Baldur’s Gate was my introduction to the Dungeons and Dragons universe and Candlekeep the first location I ever truly explored. At the time, everything about being constrained to the BG story annoyed me – I hated being forced to being Gorion’s Ward and having a pre-existing…More

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

You have to admit, Xbox Game Pass is pretty good. For a game that I’d never pick up off the shelf at EB Games, for an IP that I grew up with and I love, this was a great way to quickly consume a rather mediocre game that seemed to focus on exploiting the Power…More

Assassins of Kings

I knew about King Foltest only because he was one of the primary Gwent heroes in The Witcher 3, but I never really made the connection between ‘the card’ and ‘the character’, but it all makes perfect sense really when you think about the number of cards based on NPCs in W3 as it is,…More

37.733 Miles

TT Isle of Man I hate motorcycle games. Other than the fact that I’m not very good at them, there’s a good chance that there’s a deep psychological trigger for me reminding me that I’m not very good at riding the real thing either. In either case, I’m a sucker for a free game and…More

From Pajitnov, With Love

I quite like Tetris. I think it’s one of the few timeless games that has managed to find its way into the hands of people from about three or four generations – and do you know what? It’s still just as fun as it ever has been. I was a little surprised to see in…More

Blacker than Black

For as long as there have been Tom Clancy video games, I have been in love with the franchise. Truth be told, I’ve never really liked Clancy’s style of writing because it is technically and character heavy, but his contemporary and near-future military setting has always appealed to me, as has the lore he built-out,…More

Toss a Coin to your Witcher

If there was one thing I loved about The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, it was Gwent. I don’t think I’m alone – I think everyone who played the game either loved, or didn’t really have any attachment to – Gwent, though from the people I spoke to … many, if not most, fell into the…More


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