Welcome to Flying Hamster!

Flying Hamster HD PlayStation Vita

Flying Hamster HD costs about $2, and is worth every cent of it … and not much more.

This trophy kicked in at the end of the first or second stage, and is pretty much a reward for turning the game on. You fly around the screen and spit at things, mixing it up occasionally with cherries, eggs, and beer. There are a few big bosses, and some loose story behind the whole exercise which seems to involve a female love interest being repeatedly kid(hamster?)napped. After entertaining this charade for 15 minutes, I had used up all my ‘continue’ tokens and got a fat red ‘Game Over’ on-screen. I managed to score myself a trophy for a local high score, which didn’t seem particularly onerous to beat, but it added to my ‘haul’ for this title. To be honest, it’s likely to be the only two trophies I’ll ever earn for Flying Hamster … and I’m OK with that.


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