Betilla’s Back!

Rayman Origins • PlayStation Vita

This one was an early morning trophy as I worked on Rayman Origins in the wee hours of the morning. I had never really had a go at the Rayman series, but I saw some demos of the new Rayman on the Wii U at PAX Australia, and figured that I better fill that long-voided title from my gaming repertoire. Shame, Ben. Shame.

This is an early achievement, which is awarded after the first basic level. I’m still not entirely sure what the story to Rayman Origins is, but it seems like the idea is to rescue these non-descript purple dots from witches and general nasties from a forest.

It’s a good little title, but I’m getting nowhere near the number of little yellow firefly-esque things which convert into purple dots at the end of a level. This might require a re-play, which is probably quite easy on a commute, but we’ll wait and see how Rayman stacks up against the flurry of new titles coming to your local gaming concern.


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