Escape King

New Little King’s Story • PlayStation Vita


Well, I was wrong about Rayman – it looks like you pretty much have to do the same number of levels again just to save another series of NPCs, but in all honesty, I’m probably going to do just that later today.

I also had hoped to finish attacking the FIB building in Grand Theft Auto V today (with a subsequent trophy), but Rockstar have done a pretty good job of distracting me with fun things to do in Los Santos.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d expand my gaming repertoire today with a title called New Little King’s Story. I am confused to whether this is a western game making fun of JRPGs (doubtful as this is a Konami title), or if it’s just a shit JRPG (supported by the fact that PSN has the trophy in Japanese!). I managed to hang in there for the tutorial, but I am doubtful that this title will hold any lasting appeal for me. I’ve grown out of reading and clicking through dialogue since gaming advanced beyond Police Quest (undoubtedly the best Sierra title ever), so why on earth there is a niche market for this genre I’ll never know.


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