All’s Fare in Love and War

Grand Theft Auto V • PlayStation 3

I was a bit worried about scoring a trophy today, as I knew I had limited time and no quick-and-dirty trophies left for Rayman or GTA V. I did a bit of a hunt around the GTA V trophy list to see what I might be able to reasonably achieve today, and this looked like a good one. So, I made my way down to downtown Los Santos to purchase the Downtown Cab Co. … as Michael, only to be told to “Return as Franklin”. Franklin wasn’t nearby though, was he? No, I had to switch to Frank, then make my way manually to the company as the phone number for the cabs was constantly listed as busy.

When I got there, however, Michael was still hanging around the street!

“Fancy meeting you here!” He exclaimed, and we headed over the road to what appeared to be a biker bar. Of course, once we both had a belly full of booze and a whole heap of bikers standing around, I couldn’t help myself but lay down some gunfire, killing them all. Pretty soon, the cops rocked up and then it was on for young and old, eventually getting wasted in a back alley Pay-‘n-Spray, now the re-badged ‘Los Santos Customs’.

After a few more missions, I noticed a duplicate entry for Downtown Cab Co. in Frank’s phone contacts, so I tried to call them … repeatedly … only to be met with the busy signal. It wasn’t until I was walking around after a ‘Save Lamar from the Wood Mill’ mission that they rang me, and I was soon on my way to drop a larger gentleman off to the Los Santos docks for a ‘conversation’ with The Lost MC. After my second shoot-out with bikers for the day, the trophy popped, and I was able to switch off the PS3 for the morning. Mission Complete.

Now I have to worry about an achievement for tomorrow …


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