To Live or Die in Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto V • PlayStation 3


Finishing a game is always satisfying. Finishing Grand Theft Auto V (the story at least) is life-changing. I mean that. Since September 17 I have tried to squeeze in some GTA whenever I had the chance, now it just all seems like I have my life back and I can return to Los Santos whenever the mood grabs me.

The other day, I talked about earning a trophy just after midnight with Rayman. I didn’t even have to pad the game out, as I finished the final mission overlooking the Blaine County scenery as the clock struck twelve. I’m paying for it in an unsettled night with the baby. For the record, it’s totally worth it. I went with the commonly accepted ‘C’ ending, as I wanted to continue my Los Santos journey with all three of my main characters (for those who haven’t played – endings A and B end with Michael or Trevor dead, respectively).

I am not sure if the trophy relies on system time, or if it ‘pings’ a server for the correct time, so there’s a possibility that this one might be in my trophy list at a little after 11pm Saturday thanks to daylight savings time. I don’t care … I have ‘finished’ the latest in the GTA franchise and I’m feeling pretty darn good about it too. But just in case you aren’t happy with that, I went and picked up an easy achievement in Thomas Was Alone on PC as well (I’ve got them all on the Vita anyway).



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