TP Industries Arms Race

Grand Theft Auto V • PlayStation 3

I am a little bit spoilt for choice at the moment, with Far Cry 3 lined up to play, along with Flight Control Rocket on my phone – both with easy first-level achievements, so I am chipping away at some of the ancillary jobs in GTA V, along with my commute with Rayman Origins. Both have no real ‘easy reach’ achievements for me at this stage, so when one comes along I’m going to post about it.

I had played some of Trevor’s ‘arms race’ missions in the middle of my story game, simply because I love flying. I missed planes in GTA IV, instead making regular trips to the Helitours pad, stealing a chopper and heading a few blocks north to take the armed police equivalent. It’s been a bit the same in GTA V – this time with the military base, as I try, repeatedly, to steal a fighter jet. I’ve managed it a couple of times, but by-and-large I am usually consumed by a blazing inferno of military justice (read: a tank) when I get within a couple of feet. It looks like the military in San Andreas have a ‘spare no expense’ approach when it comes to preventing the theft of your $50 million aircraft.

This morning I polished off what looked to be the last of these ‘arms race’ missions, though the plane was still available to deliver guns after I had finished, so I assume that this is an option for cash-strapped players in the end-game. I tried to steal the plane just so I could go for a quick joy flight before work, but it looks like I’ll have to settle for a trophy instead.


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