Flow FreeiOS


I did a hunt around my iPhone’s Game Centre last night, looking for a few quick-and-dirty games that I could play in the middle of the night or when it was socially inappropriate to whip-out the Vita. I found a few (which all had achievements), so you will probably see them pop-up on here over the next few weeks.

The first game I tackled was called Free Flow, and involves essentially connecting multiple sets of two dots together over a square grid, using all the spaces in the grid along the way. It’s a fun, mindless game, but it wasn’t until I hit the 7×7 boards that I hit some stumbling blocks, but none that couldn’t be quickly resolved by a few restarts.

Microtransactions aren’t as in-your-face as what, say, EA tends to do, but they appear to be an added option for extra gameplay levels. If the game was hard enough perhaps, then this would add some better depth, but considering I’ve finished 100 levels in about 20 minutes playing time, I think I’ll keep my money where it is, thanks.


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