Bagged and Tagged

Far Cry 3 • PlayStation 3

If there was one thing I could change about the PlayStation Vita, it would be the horrible UI, but in this fantasy world where I get more than one wish, the next big change would be fixing the glitch which causes my Vita to inexplicably ‘pause’ downloading content for no rhyme or reason.

Today’s post was expecting to be related to Assassins Creed III: Liberation (a journey in itself to obtain – I’ll discuss this more with my first Liberation trophy), but overnight, my Vita downloaded the Liberation patch, and then a quarter of the game, and then stopped. I had no intention of playing FarCry 3 this morning in search of a trophy, but it was lucky I picked up the controller because it wasn’t until I was walking out the door that I discovered the Vita’s treachery.

The Bagged and Tagged trophy came after completing the first hunting quest. I was a bit familiar with these having played FC3 Blood Dragon, but I wasn’t sure if there was a trophy associated with it or not. Nonetheless, I have a deep-rooted urge to nail FC3 to 100% (a good gaming friend has this among one of his few Platinums, so there is some jealousy attached), so I figured I’d have to do these short missions sooner-or-later.

My first one took me to a cave to take-on two bears with a shotgun. The animals in FC3 are far-and-away more annoying than any other NPC, as I had discovered with a panther/cheater (read: cat-like predator) and the Komodo dragons, but the bears only took three blasts apiece and they were down. It would have been a more satisfying journey if I had room in my rucksack to collect skins, but the whole FC3 economy is still a bit fuzzy for me. I’ll keep making progress – here’s hoping that I’ll have some Assassins Creed goodness for tomorrow (gee, Ubisoft get a lot of love, don’t they?).

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