In Cold Blood

Far Cry 3 • PlayStation 3

I love a trophy that shares its name with a Capote classic. This popped during a quick morning session on FC3 after completing my first ‘Wanted’ mission. Knifing in FC3 is just as satisfying as it is in Blood Dragon. I love the ‘Death from Above’ unlock, as well as chain-killing pirates with a well timed stab to the throat, and these wanted missions seem perfect for it – Large groups of baddies close together and itchin’ for a stabbin’ makes me a happy boy!

Also, why is it I have less time on the weekends to game than I do during the week? Notably, my Vita gaming has sustained my achievement-a-day challenge during the week, but I find it’s the quick 30-45 minutes in the morning on the console before I leave home for the day where I do my best work. Even this morning’s effort took a concentrated 20 minutes balancing a baby on one knee, a bowl of cereal on the other and a controller held tightly around both. Gaming Dads should get a medal I think, particularly ones trying to score just one more achievement.

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