94 Seconds • iOS


My wife asked me to join her in this addictive little iOS title which has been fun to play overnight. I’ve already cleaned up a few achievements in the middle of the night, but iOS is recognising most of these as ‘9 Hours Ago’, which places them on the wrong side of midnight, so I plugged away at a few more games this morning to get the 500 total points needed for this achievement.

Essentially, you get 94 seconds to answer as many topics as you can using an assigned first letter. After a while, the same letter/topics pop up, so you find yourself repeating answers regularly to get at least one point for a category to offset the many others you get wrong. It’s bloody good fun, particularly when you get on a bit of a run. I’ve probably exhausted my achievements on this title though, unless my ninja-like fingers can get an answer locked in within 0.5 seconds. Don’t hold your breath!

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