Sequence 4

Assassins Creed 3 Liberation • PlayStation Vita

I have heard that the Vita incarnation of Call of Duty is notorious for its 5-6 minute missions and simple gameplay. It cops a lot of criticism for it, and without playing it I can’t really pass judgement. Nonetheless, the sound of COD’s simplicity is something that evaded Sequence 4 of AC3L, which saw me struggling in an Aztec build/dig site (I assume) with ad hoc instructions and, the bane of my existence, light-based and six-axis puzzles to solve, the latter which locks up if you suspend the game for a moment, resulting in you either restarting the checkpoint, or at worst, the game.

Nonetheless, I have done it (and should never have to do it again)! My progress on this game isn’t slow, Ubisoft have just done a damn good job cramming it chock-full of quality missions.

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