Hands off my Stoner

Far Cry 3 • PlayStation 3

One typo and this could have been an entirely different achievement.

A bit more FC3 this morning, and another demonstration about why the third incarnation is by far-and-away the superior product to FC2. At least, if you have nothing to do, the environment is lush, colourful and holds just the right degree of danger and beauty. FC2 on the other hand, has me meeting faction leaders I don’t care about regarding a war that I can’t get invested in.

Story, Environment, Gameplay – all superior here, with this mission, to ‘Rescue Oliver from the Pirates’ showing just how much fun this can be. A spot of sniping, a boat-and-gun section and needing to shoot down a helicopter, all without being too over-the-top and not needing a large investment of time.

I’m beginning to see what shape the games ending this generation are taking. Resistance: Fall of Man at PS3 launch didn’t have the same euphoric feeling that GTAV and The Last of Us has, and I know that COD Ghosts is unlikely to have the same impact that games will five years from now. I’m probably only going to get to play the new Batman on PC now, as we edge exceptionally close to the launch of next-gen and, good intentions aside, the PS3 gets stashed in some wardrobe just in case there’s a game I want to play one day (I’ll come back to you one day, Sega Master System II!).

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