Starting the Journey

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD • PlayStation Vita

I tried a bit more of Assassins Creed III: Liberation before moving onto Stranger’s Wrath, but after running around shooting guards off rooftops in the ‘Lady’ persona without a trophy popping, I got a bit frustrated and decided to move on.

I have fond memories of playing ‘Abe’s Odyssey’ as a young bloke, so I wanted to see how this game stacked up against my memories of old. This is a vastly different game, however, with even the setting sharing only the slightest of similarities. I like the first/third person view and its easy-going approach to gameplay. Graphics, despite the ‘HD’ suffix, still feel a bit simple, but I might be spoilt after playing some fantastic looking games recently.

I’m doing a Hard play through, because I think starting on Hard helps you learn the gameplay mechanics just that bit quicker. Assuming the ‘bounty’ missions are packaged into nice hour-long romps, then I should have enough here to keep me going for a few weeks!

Assuming missions are broken up into easily digestible bite-size chunks, I think this will be a good commuting game.

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