One Smart Cookie

Tomb Raider • PlayStation 3

If there’s one thing I remember about Square Enix’s Tomb Raider reboot, is that it takes some time to get an achievement. I’ve clocked this game before on Xbox, but because I’m fairly certain the rules allow for a double-dip, this PlayStation trophy-run is going to count for a second helping (even Sony allow for – on some titles – two trophies to be obtained for PS3 and Vita versions respectively). Besides, you still have to accomplish the task twice, don’t you?

So, with that disclaimer in mind, this is really the first trophy you can easily achieve in Tomb Raider, earned by venturing into your first tomb and solving the puzzle to get the goods. I wanted to knock this one on the head, because I hate nothing more than an entry on my trophy list with 0% beside it. If I can earn at least one little trophy on a title, then I’m generally happy. So, attempting the game pre-armed with some knowledge about how to go about Tombs, I was able to knock this one on the head this morning, and then push-on to the top of the radio tower.

Admittedly, I’m doing this run-through on easy, as there are no difficulty-based trophies on TR (which makes me very happy) and I’m more interested in getting the story complete rather than any great depth into the story – particularly with a FC3, AC3 and GTAV mix on-the-go. Throw in an occasional game of Stranger’s Wrath on Vita, then you would think there’s no time for work and family! There is, though. If you want something done, give it to a busy person.

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