Free Fall

Far Cry 3 • PlayStation 3

To get this morning’s trophy, I went to a hang glider, threw myself off a cliff and let go once I made it over water. It’s hardly noteworthy, but I panicked.

I don’t know why, when I’ve been having difficulty enjoying Stranger’s Wrath, that I would elect to start playing Tomb Raider knowing full well that there were large gaps between each trophy, but I did, and after 30 minutes without a trophy in sight, I quickly did a mental check of ‘easy reach’ trophies I could score. Far Cry 3 seemed my best hope, but having already claimed most of the quick-and-dirty achievements, it took a look to my trophy list to determine what was achievable in the time that was left.

So … I threw myself off a cliff.

I’m considering what other Vita gems I might be able to play in the coming month, because I haven’t been stoked with the PS+ offering. There’s Batman, of course, but chronologically it comes after the console version, so my small neurosis would prefer I finish that first. I’m not sure if The Last of Us new multiplayer DLC has any trophies attached to it (I doubt it) but there’s an option as well. I also have the Tomb Raider original HD trilogy, but I’m loathe to start something new until I’ve cleared this small backlog of games-to-finish.

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