Higher Than a Kite

Far Cry 3 • PlayStation 3

I had a bit of an open offer to game-it-up tonight, so I have spent a large portion of the evening on FC3. I was hoping I would be able to finish it around midnight and have a great story to tell you, but this is a game that keeps on giving!

I’ve killed Vaas, sent my friends off the island, and now I’m on the final stages of hunting down Hoyt. I thought that this might be a quick activity, but this seems to be another chain quest, opening with a game of poker, and then a stealth mission to infiltrate a base. At this point (which is now) I thought I better call it a night – God knows how much more goodness Ubisoft have crammed into this game, but it’s certainly value for money (extra so as it was part of a free PS+ subscription)! This trophy pops after a fantastic squirrel suit jump onto Hoyt’s island. Hopefully I’m close enough to the end to be able to knock FC3 (the story at least) on the head and move onto AC3 or Tomb Raider.

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