What is she doing?

Assassins Creed 3 Liberation • PlayStation Vita

It was inevitable that I was going to have a day where I would have difficulty getting a trophy. The fact that I’m posting this in the late afternoon is fairly indicative of today’s efforts. I pushed forward a bit on FC3 with no trophy, tried fruitlessly to capture another bounty in Stranger’s Wrath, hell, I even had a bash at New Little King’s Story, but my save data had disappeared so I didn’t have time to slog through an opening tutorial again.

So, I went back to the trophy list for AC3L but there was nothing that didn’t seem to be a grind. I hunted through the forums to see what was achievable. I had a crack at this trophy because I had unsuccessfully tried to shoot guards on the roof while dressed in the lady persona without the trophy popping. The web forums kindly directed me to the Assassins HQ, of which the balcony can be used to knife some baddies and get the silver trophy!

Hopefully I can make some better progress through Tomb Raider and FC3 this weekend, so there should be some quick achievements to score there.

Touch wood.

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