Welcome to the party, pal

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon • PlayStation 3

It was really never in question that I’d do a Blood Dragon trophy-run, was it? I’ve already mentioned that I’ve done FC3BD (my new acronym!) on Xbox, so this is another double-dip, but it already feels better on PS3. This might be because I’m in-tune with the FC3 Vanilla setup, but as my go-to console, then it’s nice to round-out the 7th generation of gaming with a bloody good game.

If you haven’t played it yet – quickly grab it from the PlayStation Store as part of its Sci-Fi sale, it’s easily the pick of the bunch. I’ve also grabbed Stardust HD on Vita, which I finished the first two planets yesterday. I’m also chipping away at AC3L to see if I can grab 100% sync which is a bit hit-and-miss, but if I have some breathing space with my trophies for the day, then it’s a good time filler.

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