AoM Light Campaign 1-3 All Along the Watchtower

I don’t think my phone saved my game progress properly on this level, but it had already unlocked a second character, so on my replay I went into it with a brief lesson about using two characters.

Two entered, one returned.

I’m not sure if I was actually supposed to have one or my team killed or not, but it seemed a little scripted versus the bad guys, particularly when I came out of the level with a few tips and tricks about how to earn all the loot from the level despite the death. As a level itself, it felt unnecessarily tough, with the second player character making little-to-no impact on the bad guys. It’s quite possible that this character – a fire elemental from what I can tell – is simply the weaker against the enemies of level three, or it could be that I hadn’t levelled him up properly – but in either case, the net result is the same.

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