AoM Valley of Treasures 1-1 Forsaken Outlands

What do you do when you’ve hit a bit of a brick wall in the main campaign? Why, you experiment with the newly-unlocked area called the ‘Valley of Treasures’.

Of course, I can’t actually tell any difference between this and the main campaign, but from what I can see, this mode allows you to use all your heroes to compete, rather than exclusively ‘light’ and ‘dark’ heroes for each side of the campaign. Finally, I get to flex some digital muscle.

I have a few new heroes that I would like to be trying out, but I know that they’re going to get wiped because of their level (even after I’ve updated them) or because they’re they wrong alignment. As such, it seems like this Valley is perfect for a bit of a mix-and-match.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life!

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