Candy Crush Saga 1

Oh no. Oh no! It’s finally happened. After managing to resist what I originally considered to be the monstrosity of the iPhone Generation, I have finally succumbed and commenced playing Candy Crush Saga.

I suppose you’re asking why, and many of you will judge me incessantly of course, don’t worry – I consider myself a bit of a hypocrite as well – particularly seen as I used to mock people who played. Hell, I even had to unblock Candy Crush from using my Facebook login just so I could save my progress. But, my motivation for playing Candy Crush Saga is it offers a gaming opportunity for me to start from the beginning of, and reflect on, something that very much defined the renaissance of mobile gaming.

We’ve come a long way in mobile games in such a short space of time, and it seems like they are poised for another ‘great leap forward’ – with cloud-based gaming (‘streaming’), subscription services and cross-play between once-competing services now no longer a pipe dream, but reality.

And so, I think now there’s room in life for the simplicity offered by Candy Crush Saga.

Over the next few days/weeks/months, I plan on playing the first one hundred levels of Candy Crush Saga and documenting the experience. I suspect there will be a range of frustrations and moments of triumph in such a journey – as there are in most well designed games – and it will be my job to make them interesting to read.

With level one complete, that journey has already started!

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