AoM Dark Campaign 1-1 Cold Ash

And so, we kick-off the Dark Campaign, moreso because it was easier to just play the first mission rather than try and extricate myself from the pop-up tutorial dragon who insisted on teaching me how-and-where to play.

The enemies here start off at a bit of a higher level – around Level 14 or so – and the first level really just serves as a bit of an introduction to former Assassin, Sharazar (which immediately makes me think of the Pokemon, Charizard), and his pet raven, Harir.

The level itself wasn’t too complicated – but what I did particularly enjoy was the greater variety of attacks and moves. I didn’t even manage to get through them all in this round as I was too busy just checking out the new attacks – but there’s plenty of time, and plenty of opponents to defeat, so I’ll just persevere.

By the end of the level, you are told you officially ‘unlock’ Sharizar. This might prove useful if there’s a level where you can pick anyone off your roster, but I’m yet to determine how seperate the game keeps light and dark characters. I guess it would be the equivalent of whether there’d ever be a game that sees Yoda and Darth Vader team up to defeat the Wookies.

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