AoM Light Campaign 2-3 Black Pastures

This was a tricky level as well as the previous, largely due to healing characters. This one introduced an antagonist called an ‘Eraser’, which took health away from my team, and then used it to heal his own team.

I’ve started a new strategy here that involves taking out the weaker enemies first. I figure in turn-based combat it’s better to be facing one full-health bad guy than four mid-health bad guys – after all, their own HP doesn’t necessarily impact on their attack rating, so even an enemy who is still standing – even on only one or two HP – can have devastating consequences if they land a hit.

The story here seems to focus on the pursuit of a staff, and while I’m still kind of maybe trying to get my head around the narrative, it seems that Roland is largely concerned about either getting to a staff before the demons do, or – if they’re referring to the staff he’s holding, then getting it to wherever he needs to quickly and quietly. I suspect there’ll be quite a few levels between now and whenever ‘the destination’ is in sight.

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