AoM Light Campaign 2-4 Waters of Gloom

The journey continues today with a stock-standard run in with a bunch of heavily armoured green dudes. Judging by how resiliant they were against my team (more on this in a second), it’s fair to say that this is normally a challenging encounter.

But while I was at the home screen, I noticed something. A friend request from someone I don’t know either personally or professionally, but let me tell you this – they probably saved my digital life.

Oh my goodness. I haven’t seen a loophole quite like this since I obtained the summoning bell in Bloodbourne and let all the more experienced players take out my bosses for me. With my ‘friend’s’ level thirty-something Roland, I saved up his attacks for one-hit, one-kills, and pretty much just humoured the rest.

Yes, it was as satisfying as it sounds.

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