Super Mario Run 1-4 Bowser’s Castle Hangout

There are some fun elements to this level, including the monkey bars which you get to swing across – and usually have a special coin attached to the bars – as long as you can either time your dismount correctly, or hang in there long enough to be able to collect it.

For the most part though, this is a fairly simple run of dodge-the-bad guy until you get reach the main reason why you’re here.

The first of the bosses! This one introduces Bowser to us – though it may just be a sheep-in-wolf’s-clothing, as it seems once you ‘kill’ him he just turns into a mushroom and … well … dies.

The battle itself seems fairly innocuous, until you realise the size of Bowser and you have to time your jump perfectly to be able to clear him. Once you do though, it’s just a matter of reaching the bridge switch that sends Pseudo-Bowser into the lava below.

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