Super Mario Run 2-2 Sky-High Lifts and Leaps!

Lotsa deaths. Dodge bullets and mind the gap!

Either my timing is terrible, or this level is designed to try and kill you.

A lot.

There is a two-fold threat in this level. The first is the bullets that come at you fairly consistently throughout, and the nature of playing on a mobile means you have less-than-ideal lead time to see them coming, and try and both dodge them, and/or use them to get to higher levels. Sometimes, doing the former leads you to a death because of the other threat – the height.

Mastering the height and the platforming levels is more a matter of timing and not being too greedy. It’s very easy to try and grab that special coin or reach a little bit higher while bouncing off a bullet – it’s also very easy to miss-time the adventure and go plummeting off-screen. I did it many, many times, and it wasn’t until I took it a bit easy and just tried to reach ‘the end’ that I made it through.

This is a level that requires a lot more practice, patience and timing to be able to get right.

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