Super Mario Run 2-4 Airship Cannons…Fire!

Time for the next boss, and there’s a lot going on at once in this level. There’s cannons, there’s bad guys, and there’s a fairly busy world in general as you push towards the second boss in the game.

I, surprisingly, didn’t die a lot on my push to the end though. It’s possible that I got lucky, but, more likely, is that the game mechanics are designed to get you through the levels on their own, but you need to put in the effort when it comes to coins, collectables and other feats to get the better score.

As for the boss itself, well – remember how much I love wall-jumping and backflipping? Well, this is the boss for me! This really just requires you to time a wall-jump perfectly so you can bounce on his head three times, and because I’m a sucker for a good jump, I threw in a few bonus bounces as well. This was a very satisfying bad guy to beat.

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