Super Mario Run 3-4 Fire Bar Castle! Youch!

Well, we’re up to the level three boss, and this time … it’s Bowser again! (Or is it?)

It turns out, no, it’s not – and while I didn’t realise that Bowser had such magical shape-shifting capability, it turns out that, well, he does, and this time he turns into a turtle.

The combat in this one is a bit more challenging. Turtle-Bowser jumps and shoots fireballs at you now, and I’ll admit, I stuffed-up my timing a few times with this one and got bubble’d back a notch or two. In the end, it turns out just some clever timing and running underneath Bowser while he’s in the air is the easiest way to clear the boss, but you have to balance being in position when he jumps versus not being in the way of a fireball that he shoots at you.

More luck than strategy I suspect.

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