A New Frontier

SteamWorld Dig 2 • Leave the Earth with your companion in tow • 100G • 17.25% of gamers unlocked this

One game that I’ve always been surprised about how much I enjoy has been SteamWorld Dig, and so I went into the sequel with a fairly standard expectation – and hope – that I would, at a base level, ‘enjoy it.’

I didn’t quite expect to love it.

The crew at Image and Form have taken a great concept, and added more fun elements to the mix. In particular the grappling rope and the overcharged jet pack. You would think that the game itself wouldn’t really need much added to it to be enjoyable, but the developers have offered some new puzzles, environments and enemies that make it all worthwhile. Even now that I’ve finished the game – I’ve been spending a lot of time following up with just general mining and upgrading, pursuing some other achievements before I pop this game back on the shelf.

Most of my deaths throughout the game were silly ones, where you curse yourself for a moment before realising you can do better, and then … well … do better. The only frustrating section was, rightly, the final end boss, but it probably only took me four or five gos (admittedly on the lower difficulty) to get it done. The entire game is deliciously accessible for any skill-level.

And so, this brings my SteamWorld Dig 2 journey to an end. I suspect there will be a third outing, given the open ended conclusion.

If the transition from OG SteamWorld to 2 was this good – I can’t wait to see them knock 3 out-of-the-park!


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